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Parent Brain is very much a labour of love – and if you’d like to support me, then please consider buying something from the store.

PB01 – The Employable Parent Brain Book

This book is packed with advice and information about how to communicate your skills, find good jobs, network like a pro, create compelling CVs, perform well in an interview and gracefully accept the job offers coming your way.

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PB02 – The Super Power Communication Workshop

Become an employable parent brain by developing a super power of effective communication

I often joke that 99% of problems in business are communication related. I’m likely not far away from the truth.

Effective communication is good for business. It’s also good for our careers too.

I put much of my own success in business down to effective communication.

In this course, I’ll share with you those very ideas and behaviours.

This course is based on my award winning Communication Workshop – The super power workshop.

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PB03 – The 10 behaviours of effective employee – free eBook

One of the most effective ways to become a great employee and to remain relevant is to focus on effective behaviours. Your effective behaviours as a parent, employee or leader.

In this free eBook I break out 10 behaviours that I’ve seen effective employees exhibit in the workplace.

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PB04 – Idle Thoughts from a Parent Brain

I put this free eBook together whilst isolating. I set some constraints, got to work and very much enjoyed this.

A few life lessons and some thoughts from a Parent Brain.

You can download this free ebook (PDF) directly here.