Presence and Productivity – are they incompatible?

“Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.”
— Alan Watts

I’m not a religious person, but wandering Winchester Cathedral I spotted this woman just sitting. Quietly. Taking time out.

When I see this photo I’m always reminded to just be present in what I’m doing. To live in the moment.

To not dwell on the past. To not be wedded to tomorrow. But to be in the moment.

It doesn’t come easily to me. But I try.

And when I succeed, I enjoy those moments. I’m present in the moment, no matter what I’m doing.

It’s insanely hard to do this with kids, housework, bills to pay and the like, but there really does come a level of joy from living in the now. I’m trying to encourage my kids to think this way to – to appreciate the moment a little more. It’s hard for me, but actually, my kids do tend to live for now.

I wonder at what point we start focusing more on productivity and getting things done, and less about living in the moment. A balance is needed for both. To live just in the now and have no eye on something we want to do is naive. But to live only on striving for more and bigger and better is a cause of unhappiness and anxiety.

When we “hope” for something, we also “far” it – from the book Happy by Derren Brown

Anyhow, enough solo waffling.

Are you good at living in the moment? Or is it as challenging for you as it is for me?