The Future of Parent Work

The future of parent work is very much a future where parents don’t have to ask permission to parent. A future where parents can log on to web system and let the system know they are ready for work.

The system will then route suitable work items to them based on their skills, experience and preference. When they no longer want to be routed work they simply tell the system they’re no longer available.

If you have a few hours between chores, or school runs, or activities then you can work. You can work evenings, weekend, night time – it’s up to you. Work when you can, parent when you need to. It’s flexible.

Of course, not all types of work fit this model.

What are all of these work items?

Anything that can be delivered over the internet for immediate action; phone calls, emails, proof reading, consulting, advice requests, content creation, design, drawing, support, software development, project management, sales calls, sales emails, strategy planning, resourcing, analysis, accountancy, legal advice, parenting advice, etc etc.

Not all jobs can be created and actioned online, but many can. As parents struggle to find work and as companies struggle to find part time options, a system like this could help. This could be the future of work.

A system like this relies on a large community of existing members, something like Mumsnet, Netmums, Britmums etc. Or maybe the recreating of a new community – but that will take time.

The work items will have payment associated with them. A business is charged to push work through the system. The owners of the system take a cut of each piece of work complete. The person completing the work gets paid for it.

There are already lots of systems like this, but none of them sit on top of a parenting community. None of them are aimed specifically at the parenting communities, that are large in themselves, but have people keen to work but not succeeding in finding work. It’s why I started Parent Brain.

The work is routed based on skills, feedback and scoring mechanisms. The work providers are scored on the quality of the work put in. The system learns over time who is good at what.

Imagine the number of people unable to get work because of restricted hours available, child care duties or other commitments – they can then work at times that suit them, without leaving the house.

A community would exist to support the workers with help and advice. It could even be tied to a Learning Management System so people can sit courses and upskill.

It’s the future of parent work. It’s no more permission to parent.

If you want to be involved, want to support it, want to invest in it, or just want to give feedback on it, then please email