Communication Super Power course

Become an employable parent brain by developing a super power of effective communication

I often joke that 99% of problems in business are communication related. I’m likely not far away from the truth.

Effective communication is good for business. It’s also good for our careers too.

I put much of my own success in business down to effective communication.

In this course, I’ll share with you those very ideas and behaviours.

This course is based on my award winning Communication Workshop – The super power workshop.

(Note: This product is part of my Cultivated Management brand, but it’s totally relevant to Parent Brain).

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What’s in the course?

About the author

A photo of Rob sat outside a cafe
Rob Lambert is on a mission to help parents remain relevant, employable and productive – and to enable them to find work where they don’t have to ask “for permission to be a parent”.


Rob started his career as a software tester, became an engineering manager, and then made the logical move sideways to HR, before setting up his own management consulting company.


When he’s not talking all things career related, he writes books, help parents remain employable, takes photos of cars, explores the English countryside with his family, and writes TV and film scripts.


His biggest achievement to date is surviving parenthood with three sons.


What format is the course in?

The course is a text based course with all of the lessons split in to separate modules. It runs on the Leanpub platform.

At the end of each lesson is a short written exercise, where you will be asked to reflect on today’s lesson and what it means to you.

Is the course membership based?

No, you simply pay for the course and access is yours. There are no recurring fees.

Why is payment in USD?

Leanpub is a US company and hence, to use their platform the pricing is in USD.

How quickly will I become an effective communicator?

That all depends on how much practice you are going to put in. I cannot make you a great communicator from this course alone. You must practice, reflect and learn to develop these behaviours.

Why a text based course when you put out weekly YouTube videos?

The answer is simple.

When I look back to the most effective learning resources in my career, they have been books, written drip feed text (like this course) and the many email newsletters that I subscribe to.

Daily textual lessons are less overwhelming and you can work through them at your own pace. The lessons are easy to read, easy to use and easy to refer back to.

Text based courses, like this one, are richer in detail, easier to consume and the perfect vehicle for the knowledge I aim to share with you.

Some of the lessons will be longer than others. I encourage you to do one per day, but it’s up to you – blast through them if you like.

Will I really develop a super power?

If you put all of what you learn into practice you will indeed be on a journey to develop this super power.

Not a super power (like laser eyes, or flight, or immortality) but an exceptional ability to work well with others and get things done at work.


“I knew Rob was a great speaker as I’d seen him present at a number of industry conferences so I had high expectations of the communications workshop he delivered to my team.
He exceeded them all! He consulted with me to understand what we wanted to achieve and then facilitated a jam packed workshop that had something for everyone.
Rob’s energy, expertise and amiable presenting style was a big hit with all of us and we left with new skills, insights and practical knowledge.”

Scott SummersDIRECTOR, nFocus Testing

“Rob’s Communication Workshop is brilliant. Of all the training I’ve done over my career, it’s the one that’s had the most immediate and positive impact, both on my work and personal life.”


My pledge to you

I know what it’s like buying online courses. It can be fraught with worry and skepticism.

That’s why I keep it pretty simple.

If you’re not happy with the course then the Leanpub platform will offer you a complete refund within their guaranteed 45 day period.

If you have any doubts about me and whether you’ll like my work, then why not check out the management blog and YouTube channel before buying? Or the Parent Brain blog.

Knowledge is simply information in action

There are two main ways to learn.

The first is information acquisition. This is when we read or study something and learn about the theory. Like this course. It is a well constructed series of information.

The second is task acquisition. This is when we try the task at hand and learn what works and what does not.

The best learning is when we do the information acquisition and then put it in to practice (task acquisition). Hence, during this course I will prompt you to practice what you are learning. I will also encourage you to self-reflect on the topic at hand.

I will only share advice I have seen work firsthand and that I know works.

I will also not share advice that risks you getting into trouble.

Good communication can be learned, but it requires practice.

Without the practice, the ideas in this course are just theory and information. When you put this information in to action, you will gain knowledge.

With that – I wish you good luck and hope you enjoy the course.