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Hi, I’m Rob Lambert

a writer, photographer, film maker,

management consultant and parent.

I’m the author of The Employable Parent Brain 

and creator of an online communication workshop.

I read lots of books – and only recommend ones I rate.

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Parent Brain Foundation

I believe very strongly that every person (and animal) has the right to the best quality of life they can, even if that life may be short.

That’s why I donate 5% of all revenue from Parent Brain, and my other business Cultivated Management, to charity.

2.5% always goes to Naomi House – a hospice in Winchester for life limited children and their parents.

The other 2.5% goes to a different charity each year.

  • 2015 – Unicef (complete)
  • 2016 – Pencils of Promise (complete)
  • 2017 – Saving Linnea (complete)
  • 2018 – WWF (complete)
  • 2019 – Naomi House (complete)
  • 2020 – Still deciding. Any suggestions?

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