Rob Lambert is an award-winning businessman, Keynote presenter and workshop facilitator. He’s the father of three adorable boys and serial career advisor.

He can be booked to present bespoke presentations or workshops for your business, conference or event.

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Rob Lambert is the founder of Parent Brain and Cultivated Management. He is also the Vice President of Engagement and Enablement at a fast growing technology company.

Rob is a career development specialist who deeply understands the drive and nuances of balancing career ambitions with parenting.

By day Rob is a strategist on how to build engaged teams and develop people’s full potential at work – this is the energy and skill Rob brings to Parent Brain.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science in Media Science from Sheffield Hallam University and has more than fifteen years experience of building effective teams. Rob started Parent Brain after seeing other parents struggling to remain relevant and employable and find good jobs.

Rob is the author of The Employable Parent Brain – a book for parents who want to remain relevant, employable and productive.

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My Mission

I believe that every single parent should have access to the right information about remaining relevant, employable and productive. I also believe that almost all of the skills needed to build a great career can be learned. And that’s my mission – to help parents improve their career opportunities.

Speaker Topics

The 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees

I walk through the 10 Behaviours of Effective Employees and encourages you to start adopting these behaviours in your own work.

How To Remain Relevant

I walk through the 5 most important aspects to remaining relevant and employable.

The Baby Effect

A story of why having kids drives you to pursue more in your life.

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