Personal Branding

What is your personal brand?

We all have a personal brand. It’s who you are and the image you convey.
You could be the hard worker, the complainer, the emotional vampire, the angry customer, the loud and noisy neighbour, the professional, the obnoxious employee or the poor performer. You may be a mix of all of these and more. There are many different aspects to our personal brand.
The key to succeeding in your careerĀ is to realise that you can control many elements of your personal brand, and the time to take control is right now. Ideally you’ve been cultivating it for some time, but the if not, start now.
  • How can your authentic self come through in your personal brand?
  • What can of personal brand do you want?
  • How do you want people to refer to you?
What do you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room? That’s the ultimate personal brand. And you own it.
Don’t leave it for other people to cultivated, don’t leave it to chance.
If you haven’t started managing your personal brand yet, then find someone you admire, trust and respect and copy them. Find what works and what resonates then keep adapting.
Don’t force too much though – you need to be comfortable and authentic. You need to be you – but you can change – how would you like to change?
Your personal brand goes with you everywhere. Everything you do contributes to it. So be cautious, but embrace the lifelong journey of growing and nurturing what you can offer to the world.
Until next time.