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Use good email addresses when applying for jobs

One thing I see all too often is people using silly email addresses for submitting job applications.

You know, like bigdaddy1978 or bestmummyintheworld1827 or Daz732.

Every time you communicate you send messages and meaning to others. For most hiring managers, using an email like this, sends a very clear message – no effort.

Instead you want to wow them so use an email address that looks neat and tidy.

The best ones to use are clearly firstname.surname. These may often have been taken so no harm in using your middle name if you have one, or using initials. It’s also fine to use numbers on the end, just make sure it’s your full name so it sounds more formal.

I would also advocate using a Gmail or Fastmail address. Hotmail and Yahoo are quite spammy domains so best to stick to Google or Fastmail or something like this.

If you have your own domain then you can also then use your domain as an email.
For example i could use – which would be a good domain to use for applying for parent related jobs, but not so good for any other industry – hence I have a generic one.

Once you have a decent email address try to only use it for job related emails. This has a number of benefits such as:

  • Keeps spam to a minimum
  • Keeps your work and private life separate
  • Means you don’t get distracted when you log in to check job related emails. (three hours later you’re in the deepest corners of Mumsnet)

Until next time