The Art Of iPhone Photography – A beautiful book

The Art Of iPhone Photography is a beautifully presented book of photos, hints and tips and techniques on how to take good photos with your iPhone.

Don’t worry though, it’s not strictly just for iPhone users; there are many techniques, apps and processes that are available Android users also.

Throughout the books the authors, Bob Weil and Nicki Fitz-Gerald, have brought together some of the most compelling images taken from mobile phones where they proceed to explain the techniques, apps and processes behind these images.

Each image chosen is explored in a mini case study complete with example images. There are detailed step by step instructions on how to apply the same process to get a similar result. The instructions are very clear and the technology is explained well. It’s a really easy book to read – helped by a great deal of images.

To accompany each case study there are also a few words from the photographer behind the photo. These help to give the book a really natural personal feel. This helps to make the book more readable and the photos more believable – trust me, some of the photos look out of this world and way beyond the means of a mobile phone camera.

The book is brilliantly laid out – it’s a beautiful read (I was reading this in PDF version). Lovely clean and clear images and lots of nice separation of content. It’s a really nice book to read.

Overall this is a great book to give you inspiration to take more interesting photos. The step by step instructions should mean you can get similar results to the examples.

Good book for those interested in iPhone photography.

This is an impartial review as part of the O’reilly Blogger Review Scheme.


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