What skills do you need to get the job?

To get a new job you often need a new set of skills.

In a nutshell you need to know the skills you need and you need to know the skills and experience you have. The difference between the two is where you should focus your learning.

As simple as that sounds, it’s very rare that people act upon it and hence they have skills gaps which need filling. Once you know what the gap is you can start to put plans in place and a schedule of learning.

The earlier you become aware of the skills you need, the more chance you have of obtaining these skills ready for when you’re job hunting.

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Focus on these three things when searching for a new job

When job hunting focus on the following three core activities.

I always advocate a similar amount of time for each one, but experiment with your own balance. The important thing is that you spend some time doing each one.

The three main activities that you should be doing to get a job are: Building Your Network, Job Hunting and Learning.

Building your network

Your network will lead to new connections and more opportunities. A wider network can lead to greater diversity of opportunities.

Job hunting

To get a job you’ll need to track one down so spend a significant amount of your time scouring job sites, planning your speculative applications, applying for jobs and updating your CV.


There will always be a job that requires some skill or experience you don’t have.

Sit an online course, connect with thought leaders or volunteer your time to a community project – these are all things you can do right now and they’ll give you more skills, experience and learning.

If you focus your energies on the three activities (Building Your Network, Job Hunting and Learning) you’ll increase your chance of getting a job and of you being the right fit for it.