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Interview Basics

When interviewing answer the person asking the questions

During the interview if there are multiple people in it, always answer the person asking the question. Trust me, it’s really rude to ask a question and the candidate then answer directing the answer at someone else. Keep switching eye contact and answering to all of the people in the room but be sure you …

Communication, Interview Basics

Don’t be negative in an interview

When answering questions be sure to remain positive. Try to avoid being negative about people or work. Hiring managers want to be wowed, not depressed. Hiring managers are looking for people who will bring positive energy to the business, not someone who will suck the life out of everyone. If you’re feeling a little tired …

Interview Basics

How to leave an interview part way through

I’ve asked to leave three interviews in my whole career. Here’s some advice on how to leave an interview part way through. Each one that I walked away from was for different reasons, but all of them related to the fact the hiring manager was being a aggressive/uncompromising or too formal. Once I was interviewed in a …