To keep your job you need a big network

A good, but old, book to learn about networking is a book called “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty” by Harvey Mackay.

I originally thought it read¬†“Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirty” – I was 36 when I read it – I thought I was doomed.

The book is pretty dated now in the modern world of the Internet and Social Media but most of the concepts are still sound.

I liked this one from page “Harvey’s Top Ten List”

If you’re going to keep your job, your network has to be as good as or better than your own company’s.

You need:

  • Support and sponsorship in other departments besides your own, so that you’re able to jump to another department if yours is downsized or jettisoned.
  • Lines of communication that tell you what’s happening in other parts of the company-who’s growing, who’s shrinking.
  • An outsider’s objective view of your company and how industry wide trends are affecting your role in it.
  • Foreknowledge of what skills are going to be in demand at your company.
  • A backup strategy in case you are let go – in other words, a career network outside the company.

Think your company is going to provide you with this stuff? No way. There’s just you and your own network

Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty – Harvey Mackay –¬†

Until next time.