Job hunting? Ship tasks.

Are you job hunting? Then I’m hoping to encourage you to slowly but surely ship tasks.

Ship stuff

One trick that separates the amateur job hunter from the professional is the habit of “shipping” stuff.

This means ensuring that each and every day you are shipping something that pushes you towards your painted picture. In this instance it’s a new job full of glory and reward, or something like that.

In order to hit your painted picture and goals you need to break that goal down to a series of tasks and start rattling on through them. Treat your career like a project, but focus every day on shipping something.

This is especially important as you juggle parenting and maybe even a current job too.

The breaking down of tasks can take some time initially though. Once you have a list of tasks try not to get overwhelmed as the list may be long. Very long.

Try to create a nice cycle of task completion. Try to do something every day. That way you’ll keep up the momentum and you’ll see results sooner. The smaller the tasks, the easier you can grab a couple of minutes each day to crack on with. It’s hard, with family and other commitments, but job hunting is about getting a job – and that is a hard project too.

You could ship a new CV, another application, a LinkedIn update, a new blog post, a new interview outfit, a phone call, an email or a new connection on LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter really as long as it’s heading you to your goal.

So go forth and ship stuff. And pretty soon you’ll have that job you’re after.

Until next time