Job Searching

Job hunting is a serious business

Job hunting is a serious business. Treat it like a serious project and you’ll get positive results. Treat it like a side project, or a drudgery that needs to happen, and this will shine through in your results.

Finding good jobs is hard. Learning skills to attain your dream job is hard. Interviewing is hard. And dealing with rejection can be devastating.
With these challenges though comes better jobs, more meaningful work and a changed you. This is the journey.

By treating job hunting as a serious project you’ll find the energy when it gets tough, you’ll remember why you’re doing this and you’ll keep striving to get the right results.
Here’s some ideas:

  • Write down why you are doing this. What is your purpose? (More money? More meaning from work? Better location? Better job? To be a role model?)
  • Read this purpose every single day.
  • Create a plan (on paper, Evernote, Trello, ToDoist, Planner, Calendar, whatever) – make the plan, put your name on it and then action it.
  • Review progress and measure it. Measure how many applications, how long they take to come through and anything else related to it. Then adapt to the numbers. If you’re submitting 20 application and only getting 1 call back, what’s wrong?
  • Stay motivated. Listen to career planners and coaches, subscribe the career advice channels, get some personal coaching. In a nutshell, stay around motivating people. Avoid those that bring you down.

Until next time