Interview Basics

Why you should ask questions in an interview

Definitely ask questions during an interview. In fact, an interview without questions is a wasted opportunity and it can also send the wrong impression.

Not asking questions shows a lack of interest or enthusiasm in the business, the hiring manager and the role.

Surely you have something you want to find out that’s not been covered already?

You may have a pre-defined “question” time or you may have a number of periods during the interview to ask questions. You may of course get no time at all to ask questions, this is especially true of very formal interviews where the interviewer is seeing the interview as a one-way process. Believe me, this is very common.

Make sure you ask lots of questions. Not only will it build your knowledge of the role, the people and what’s expected of you, but it will also show the hiring manager that you care about the job and their company.

Don’t ask too many questions about money, working hours, benefits and any other compensation or benefits as this could send the message that all you care about is getting paid. I also tend to prefer leaving money related questions about of the interview unless you really have no other choice.

Instead why not ask questions around things like this:

  • The people and why they are so good?
  • What sort of work is involved and how does this contribute to the mission of the business
  • How is the work organised and structured?
  • How big is the company, where is it located etc (although you should have researched this before hand)?
  • What does success in your role look like?
  • Who will you be working directly with?
  • What skills of yours will be used the most in the work?
  • And any questions related to what is being discussed.

There is no harm in writing all of these down and having a notebook with you. It shows preparation.