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My name is Rob Lambert.

I’m a father of three boys, husband, business owners, writer, Keynote presenter, Yorkshire man living in the South of England, 1990s car fan and life-long learner about all things career orientated.

If you’re interested I also have a book out called The Employable Parent Brain.

The Parent Brain book came about one cold winter night when I was browsing a popular parenting forum. I stumbled across a series of career related posts. I was saddened by what I read.

Talented, experienced, dedicated and eager parents who simply could not land jobs, get promoted or find meaningful work.

“Not enough experience”.

“Not relevant anymore”.

“Didn’t even get an interview”.

“Bodged it in the interview”.

“Out of date CV”.

I’ve spent my entire working life studying how to progress my career and then teaching these insights to others.

It’s mostly down to a few core things;

  • becoming an expert communicator
  • learning relevant skills quickly
  • networking with the right people
  • being insanely productive.

All of them can be learned. Trust me. And by developing in each area you will get that better job, get that raise, deliver that gnarly project and hopefully be present with your children each day too. I’ve done it.

I’ve helped countless others do it too. And on that cold winters night reading how others are burning out with their careers, I decided to write The Employable Parent Brain.

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Parent Brain Foundation

I believe very strongly that every person (and animal) has the right to the best quality of life they can, even if that life may be short.

That’s why I donate 5% of all revenue from Parent Brain, and my other business Cultivated Management, to charity.

2.5% always goes to Naomi House – a hospice in Winchester for life limited children and their parents.

The other 2.5% goes to a different charity each year.

  • 2015 – Unicef (complete)
  • 2016 – Pencils of Promise (complete)
  • 2017 – Saving Linnea (complete)
  • 2018 – WWF (current year)