60 Days Proof

A cool trick to make sure your doodles, notes and jots of information make sense, is to make sure everything you write down is 60 days proof.

What this means is that in 60 days time, if you were to reread your writing, it would still make sense.

How often have you found a scrap of paper, or a written note, or a digital note that simply does not make sense?

For example, let’s say you take some notes on a call to your service provider and you’re busy scribbling numbers, dates, people’s names etc. That same day it makes perfect sense. Then 60 days later when the bill is still wrong you can’t make sense of your notes.

60 days proof is a good concept, because it makes you think about each set of notes.

  • Do I need to add some more context to this?
  • Do I need to link these notes to others I have also made (i.e. a series of notes)?
  • Do I need to include some dates and times with these notes?
  • Will I know what these numbers are in 60 days time?
  • Do I need to know what these notes mean in 60 days time?

Until next time