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Hi, and welcome to Parent Brain

My name is Rob Lambert. Father of three sons, manager, business improvement coach and blogger. I also like cars.

What is Parent Brain?

Parent Brain – Helping parents to remain relevant, employable, productive and to become self learners so that they can unlock their true potential.

This is a blog for parents who know there is always a better way. Better parenting. Better financial stability. Better careers. Better earning potential. Better self. Better habits.

The goal of this blog is simple – to help parents become aware of their true potential. To help parents to become better at the things that matter to them.

A parent who is cultivating their parent brain and learning how to become aware of their potential can change their lives and the lives of their families.

Imagine what we could do collectively with that much potential. We could change communities, cities, countries… 


It’s my fundamental belief that every single parent has potential way beyond their current activities and it’s my hope that in some small way this blog can help parents to become better versions of themselves every single day.

I don’t know all the answers – but I do care enough to help you reach inside yourself and access your potential. That’s my secret sauce. It’s the value I can add.

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a single working parent or a parent bringing in the sole income – I hope in some way to help you.

I believe in four distinct ways to cultivate your Parent Brain.

1. Owning your own mind and the information you feed it. You can choose what to consume, what to read, what to do with your time and how to focus your energy. Making the right choices can change your life.

2. Challenging norms, assumptions and the nonsense that we’re fed as parents (and trust me there is a tonne of it). We don’t have to accept what the government, schools, other parents and our societies say is true. We can ask questions. We can think critically. We can challenge and ask for things to be better. We may not succeed – but we should try.

3. Taking ownership (or at least more control) over your work, finances, environment and life path. (We have more influence and control than you may realise). We can all learn how to be more effective at work, how to find good jobs and how to do well in an interview. These are all skills I believe every single person can learn. We can also learn how to set goals for us and our families.

4. Making positive change in your community, city, country or other community. (Is this not our obligation as citizens?). As we become more aware of our potential we tend to find that we want to share it so others can learn. This is how communities grow and learn and evolve.


This blog will focus on learning and career development as the main topics. These two aspects, combined with good health, will put you in a great place to create change.

There is so much potential locked up inside so many parents that it’s staggering how much of a difference to the world we could make. 

It’s my goal to help those that want help, to become a better version of themselves every single day.

I will strive to post two posts a week, but, as I seek balance in my life, I may miss one or two.

About Rob Lambert

I have three adorable boys who keep me on my toes.

I work as a professional hiring manager, process improvement expert and business problem solver.

I help companies to grow relevant, awe-inspiring teams and to solve tricky business problems.

I’m a Keynote speaker, coach and self learning advocate.

You can read my full story here.

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