SAD Lamps, Winter Blues and Happiness

It’s not going to be long now until the nights and the mornings start closing in and the sunshine fades to darkness – or simply put – winter is near.

Littered SAD Lamp

Littered SAD Lamp


I love winter.

I love the cold, crisp, winter walks and the loving warm house to return to. I like Christmas, Halloween and Bonfire night. I love wrapping the kids up in their winter coats, and playing snowball fights (if we ever get snow again) and all of the magic that I derive from the bleak landscapes (I’m weird).

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Wroclaw Main Square

Traveling to Wroclaw in Poland

With my day job I get the opportunity of traveling to Wroclaw in Poland every couple of months or so. It’s great fun and one day I will be taking the boys with me for an extended weekend.

Our office is located in a city called Wroclaw, located in the West of Poland.

Wikipedia has a decent page about Wroclaw.

I’ve not yet had the chance to take the kids but I reckon when they are a bit older they will certainly enjoy the sites and sounds.

I have a full gallery over on G+

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5 techniques to help you leave your work stress at work

5 techniques to help you leave your work stress at work

5 techniques to help you to leave work stress

5 techniques to help you to leave work stress Image

It can be hard holding down a stressful job and then leaving the problems, challenges and stresses at work.

It’s easy to bring home the stress and this often leads to your home life becoming affected by work.

In my own personal experience it’s been my family that have suffered the most. I’ve taken home the stress and drama of the day and I’ve failed to deal with it where it belongs; at work.

This results in me being short tempered and not present. And generally not the husband and father I want to be. This hurts. It hurts my family but it hurts me also – I swore I’d always be there for my family.

Over the years I’ve found a variety of tactics that seem to work well in helping me leave the stress at work. I sometimes have to do all the following and sometimes just a few of them.

Here are 5 techniques to help you leave your work stress at work – these have worked for me, they may also work for you.

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The Gallery > Green

This weeks gallery theme is Green.

The two photos I’ve chosen represent two fond memories of good quality family time – you know, the kind of time when you’ve managed to switch off from work and just enjoy the moment.

Dodge Charger

The above is a mint green Dodge Charger. I’ve always wanted a Dodge Charger – ever since I watched the film Vanishing Point. Great film. Epic looking car. The one above was at The Hotrod show at Beaulieu, New Forest on Father’s Day.

New Forest

The second photo was taken in the New Forest, Hampshire. We’d just had a really lovely weekend at Sandy Balls and stopped off here on the way back. Epic colour, wild ponies and a nice way to end a really great weekend with my family.

How to share family photos with Evernote and Pistachio

There are countless services out there that provide a safe(ish) place for you to share photos of your children and your life with family and friends. Facebook is a good example, so too is Google+ but most of my family aren’t on Facebook or Google+ so I’ve always ended up just sending them random photos via email.

Readers of this blog will soon realise that I’m also an Evernote fanboy. I like to store as much stuff as possible in Evernote.

I use Evernote as a family journal. This journal includes snaps of us out and about as well as private musings about life in general. I try to take a photo of the boys everyday so I can look back on how they’ve changed. I also snap their art work and learning – more on that in future posts.

Wouldn’t it be cool though to share just a few of these notes and images in a private place on the web with loved ones? Especially loved ones who aren’t using Evernote?

Well now that’s possible by using Evernote with Postachio. Postachio basically uses Evernote as a Content Management System. So you create the content in Evernote (or Dropbox) and you can then share this content via a Postachio site. Continue reading

How To Self Publish Image

How to self publish a book – a short guide for busy parents

Last week I published my first book on Amazon – Remaining Relevant and Employable – a book about progressing your career and landing a great job.

As a busy parent it’s tricky to find the time in your busy schedule to sit down and write a book. It’s very hard indeed.

In this post I’ll share with you some of the ways in which I was able to carve out time for my book and finally get it released on to Amazon.

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Surviving A Conference – Free Guide

I’ve been speaking at and attending conferences for a very long time now. At these conferences I always meet many new people who aren’t sure how to make the most of being at a conference.

Well that’s why I wrote The Blazingly Simple Guide To Surviving A Conference.

You can download the free eBook here, or click on the lovely image below. Enjoy.




If you liked this, why not check out my new book on finding jobs, creating a great CV and then rocking the interview? Remaining Relevant is available on Amazon right now.