Quitting is trendy ?>

Quitting is trendy

This week I’d like to chat about quitting. That’s right, quitting your job. I’m not suggesting you should, nor am I suggesting that you shouldn’t leave a bad job. I’m merely going to point out that quitting is the new trendy thing to do. There are a lot of reasons to quit a bad job, but there are also a lot of reasons to seek out the good in the job you may currently have. Just check out the image…

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Job Hunting > What would you really want to do? ?>

Job Hunting > What would you really want to do?

What job do you really want to do? One way to gain some clarity over your ideal job is to ask yourself a question: “What job do you really want to do?”. One exercise is to write that question at the top of a sheet of paper and then spend 30 minutes jotting down ideas. Don’t edit yourself. Just write down every thought that comes to your mind. When you’ve finished give yourself some time before reviewing your list. Come back to the list, after…

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Don’t let your life slip you by ?>

Don’t let your life slip you by

Life is short. Life is fragile. Life can sometimes be cruel. Don’t hold back. Don’t let life slip by without making the impact you need to. Write down the things you’ve always wanted to do. Not the little things that might be nice to do to, but the big things. The things that make you shake with fear. The things that make you say “OMG what if I fail?”. Or even worse “OMG what if I succeed?”. It’s those things you…

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Productivity > Personal Kanban ?>

Productivity > Personal Kanban

Today we’ll cover a productivity tip about Personal Kanban and how it can help you with your job hunting, career planning or getting work done like a pro. Kanban originated in Japan as part of the Toyota Production System. It’s basically a simple ticketing system that gives a visual representation of work via cards called Kanban cards. You then move these “cards” through your “process” as work flows (or doesn’t). By seeing your work in process you can see just…

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Job Hunting > Be Prepared ?>

Job Hunting > Be Prepared

This week we’ll talk about being prepared for job hunting. Sometimes you’ll be in control of your job search. You’ll make a decision to move on and you’ll start the ball rolling. Sometimes, like during a redundancy, you’ll get a heads up and you’ll be able to start planning. It’s not nice, but there is often some time to get your head around being made redundant and then get the ball rolling. Sometimes though there will be no warning. A…

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Job Hunting > Get good at shipping stuff ?>

Job Hunting > Get good at shipping stuff

I’m hoping to encourage you to slowly but surely ship stuff. Ship stuff One trick that seperates the amatuer job hunter from the professional is the habit of “shipping” stuff. This means ensuring that each and every day you are shipping something that pushes you towards the end goal. In this instance it’s a new job full of glory and reward, or something like that. In order to hit your goal you need to break that goal down in to…

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Job Hunting > Get Serious ?>

Job Hunting > Get Serious

Hi, In this newsletter we’ll take a look at getting serious about job hunting. Scarily, I meet a lot of people who put very little effort in to job hunting, yet expect the perfect job to land on their lap. Sure, I know what it’s like being a busy parent. Last week my eldest decided it was a good idea to start Karate practice….on his brother. The youngest took to licking every surface he could with mixed results. And the…

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Skills > You don’t have to be perfect ?>

Skills > You don’t have to be perfect

I hear from many people who resist applying for jobs they believe they could do because they don’t think they match the job advert, or they think better candidates exist, or they’re not perfect for the role. Let’s be honest, better candidates will be out there, no doubt about it. But you’re unlikely to know whether or not these “better” candidates will be applying for the same jobs as you. You may be the best! As you know nothing about…

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Job Adverts > Making sense of job adverts ?>

Job Adverts > Making sense of job adverts

I know what it’s like, you’re trying to make sense of the ridiculous job adverts but you’re a stressed parent. The eldest child, although only 8 years old, is acting like a teenager. Tantrums, “I hate you” statements and stomping all accompany a complete unwillingness to help out around the house. The youngest child has taken to wearing masks all day and flits between being Batman and a Pirate with ease. This is fine but you’re now beginning the forget…

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How to share family photos with Evernote and Pistachio ?>

How to share family photos with Evernote and Pistachio

There are countless services out there that provide a safe(ish) place for you to share photos of your children and your life with family and friends. Facebook is a good example, so too is Google+ but most of my family aren’t on Facebook or Google+ so I’ve always ended up just sending them random photos via email. Readers of this blog will soon realise that I’m also an Evernote fanboy. I like to store as much stuff as possible in…

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