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Parent Brain

Welcome to Parent Brain.

Parent Brain is a small and invite only community where big thinking happens around the future of parenting.

The community is hosted on Google+

The purpose of the community is to think big about the future of parenting, education, work, life, tech, the environment and our children and much more. Each Sunday a new question is posed to the group and answers/solutions/ideas are proposed.

What happens to the answers?

As a community we decide whether any of these ideas are worth pursuing as a community, feeding out to companies/businesses or simply putting to rest.

If an idea really does have wings then we’ll discuss how to move forward with it. All ideas generated in the Think Tank belong to the Think Tank. Collectively we should own them and decide what to do with them.

Who can join?

This is a small hand picked community that is formed around big thinkers; people who have good ideas and are not afraid to share them. As much as we’d like to open this community to more members the reality is that would dilute the purpose. In the future there may be a time when we open up other areas of the community. You can of course request to join but not all requests will be accepted. Please provide as much details as possible during the request. You will also need a Google+ account to access the community. is the email address for requesting access